May 14, 2014 · Updated 11:44 AM


High school and elementary students could be seen walking outside Garibaldi Secondary on Friday carrying jugs of water.
The water walk was organized by the Rebels for a Cause – a group of students who meet weekly at Garibaldi Secondary and are described as “shameless idealists” and “leaders of change” by group member Sara Stanley.
The walk was to raise money for a water well in Ecuador.
The group is also raising money to build a classroom in that country as well.
“The water well will be built through Free the Children, providing a sustainable option for clean drinking water,” Stanley explained. “Clean drinking water lessens the spread of disease and illnesses.”
Rebels for a Cause have a strong relationship with the organization Free the Children and have previously raised money for a school classroom in Sierra Leone.
Dozens of Garibaldi students took part in Friday’s water walk, carrying four-litre milk jugs filled with water around the track behind the school.
They were joined by 16 students from Harry Hooge Elementary who had also raised money.
The students were also joined by local emergency personnel.
“Dedicated to a profession that values water,  local firefighters made an appearance walking among the students with jugs of water,” Stanley said.
Part of the aim of the water walk was to raise awareness of how people in the Third World have to carry water long distances because they don’t have access to it nearby.
Stanley said she overheard students talking about how people in the developing world have to walk to get their water.
“It was touching to know that people were learning and recognizing what this event is about – not just participating because of its entertainment,” she said.